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A remedy for the body and soul

Panacean Medical Skin Care and Laser Center is a medical spa in Weston, Florida. We offer innovative aesthetic solutions for every skin type. Our Mission is focused on preventive and corrective skin care treatments to rejuvenate the body and face. Our practice guides clients through the maze of non-surgical treatment options to provide a customized treatment plan.


We pride ourselves in medical services performed by our double Board Certified Medical Director. Our Physician has trained in cutting-edge schools with more than 25 years experience, and each medical procedure is executed under the care of our Medical Director. We stand by our core values of delivering the highest quality medical services through the latest techniques and technologies, FDA approved, by a Physician.

Our team understands the conditions and aging processes that can affect the skin, create fat deposits, and vasculature. We are passionate about restoring a youthful and healthier appearance.

Our primary goal is a natural result with a brief recovery.

Elevate your senses and find your perfect Panacean.

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