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Dr. Gabriel Alvarez

Medical Director

I am the Medical Director of Panacean MedSpa & Laser Center.


I lead the Team of Panacean in developing and implementing the latest Skin Care treatments for men and women, from face and neck to whole body.  


I am an American-trained doctor with double-board certification with more than 25 years of practice between Boston and Miami. Being born and raised in Venezuela, I have a unique perspective in understanding the cultural, mental, and physical needs of the patients as a whole.


I am passionate about nutrition, living an active life, and meditation. 

Mariangela Alvarez

Medial Assistant, Facial Specialist, Electrologist & Tattoo Artist

With over 30 years in the medical field, I immersed myself in the world of beauty 11 years ago, focusing on esthetic and non-surgical treatments for the body and face.

Today, I am a facial, tattoo artistelectrologist and medical assistant, providing the highest quality care for my patients. My passion thrives on helping clients achieve their personal aesthetic goals.

As the founder of Panacean Medical Skincare & Laser Center, my mission is to keep updating our knowledge, seeking the best schools, training programs and colleagues to guarantee successful and progressive treatments.


Candy Garcia

Registered Nurse

I am the Registered Nurse of Panacean Medical center.

After many years of working as a clinical Radiologist in Venezuela - where I qualified as a Medical Doctor, I observed how we are taught to diagnose to ‘cure’ rather than to ‘prevent’ illnesses. Such experience made me find my true passion in Functional Medicine.

I am fascinated by our uniqueness as individuals from our genetics to our bio-medical make up. It is a joy for me to work on a 1:1 basis with people and see them reach their optimal body and mind function, which in my view is the key to live a blissful life!


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